[LLVMdev] version 2.3 of poolalloc

Patrick Simmons simmon12 at illinois.edu
Thu Sep 3 12:36:57 PDT 2009

John Criswell wrote:
> John Criswell wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I have finished updating the DSA and Poolalloc source code so that it
>> compiles with the LLVM 2.6 API.  If you check out the LLVM 2.6 branch
>> (directions are in the llvmdev archives; look for the email by Tanya
>> Lattner about the LLVM 2.6 branch), you should be able to build mainline
>> DSA and Pool Allocation against it.
>> If you have trouble building DSA/Pool Allocation, please email llvmdev.
> To aid in checking out LLVM 2.6, I went and looked up the command.  It is:
> svn co https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/llvm/branches/release_26 llvm
> -- John T.
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Does this mean poolalloc isn't meant to build with the LLVM trunk 
anymore?  I recently updated both poolalloc and my LLVM checkout to the 
latest revision, and poolalloc isn't building (something about "Ostream" 
being undefined).  Should I switch my checkout to the "release_26" branch?


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