[LLVMdev] link-error: different visibilities

Nick Lewycky nicholas at mxc.ca
Tue Sep 1 23:09:31 PDT 2009

gauss wrote:
> When I use llvm-2.5 to compile gnash which is a GNU flash movie player, some
> errors appeared as follow:
> llvm-ld: error: Cannot link in module
> '../libcore/.libs/libgnashcore.a(movie_root.o)': Linking globals named
> '_ZNKSt6vectorIN5gnash8geometry7Range2dIfEESaIS3_EE4sizeEv': symbols have
> different visibilities!
> Because the name is mangled, I can't find the exact position of this
> function in the original source code, so I can't give more information about
> it.

You probably have c++filt installed:

$ c++filt _ZNKSt6vectorIN5gnash8geometry7Range2dIfEESaIS3_EE4sizeEv
std::allocator<gnash::geometry::Range2d<float> > >::size() const

Hope that helps!


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