[LLVMdev] Current status of MIPS support (some basic questions)

Carter Cheng carter_cheng at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 27 11:19:34 PDT 2009

Thanks both for the replies. I am primarily considering using clang to test the backend modifications I may need to make to the experimental code generator to get it to work on my Mipsel device. I suspect the current backend may need to be extended to accommodate my needs in this case. Reading the comments in the backend seems to suggest it support MIPS1-2 and O32 to some extent whereas I need something along the lines of 64bit MIPS3 support and N32.

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> wrote:
> > Is there also an option to compile w/ clang on an x86
> for Mipsel?
> A normal build of clang includes limited cross-compile
> support by
> passing in the "-ccc-host-triple" option, although it's
> still a bit of
> a work-in-progress.  Nobody has added support for any
> Mips targets,
> but it's really easy to patch clang/lib/Basic/Targets.cpp
> to add a new
> target.  Please continue any discussion of this on
> cfe-dev.
> -Eli
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