[LLVMdev] llc - generation of native machine code

Rudskyy tema13tema at yahoo.de
Mon Jul 27 08:25:19 PDT 2009



I am working with LLVM project to compile for specific processor
(xPEC-processor from NetX chip, http://hilscher.com/ ).

I have done support of this target successfully! Assembler code can be
emitted with debug information. LLVM - great!)  

But now I am looking for generation of machine code for my target. I have
seen, that "llc" has option "-filetype". 

It has default value "-filetype=asm", but has more values, as
"-filetype=obj" and "-filetype=dynlib". 

"obj" is very interesting, but it till not supported :-( 

My goal is generation of elf-file for my target, where can be placed machine
instruction and debug information.

It is possible to create own tool to translate assembler file in "obj", but
in "llc" some steps are provided, maybe, for this conversions .

Can anybody help me with this way? On the web ( www.llvm.org ) there is not
much information for this subject.

Where can I read information? Have somebody done generation of "obj"-file? 

I will be glad for any information.


Sank you!




Best regards,

Artem Rudskyy






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