[LLVMdev] Nightly Test Page Busted?

Tanya Lattner lattner at apple.com
Thu Jul 23 16:13:23 PDT 2009

On Jul 23, 2009, at 3:53 PM, David Greene wrote:

> On Thursday 23 July 2009 17:43, Tanya Lattner wrote:
>> We are experiencing serious load/memory issues on llvm.org and
>> unfortunately, there is not anything we can do about it. This means
>> that because the nightlytest page needs to access a mysql database,  
>> it
>> will be very very slow. Bugzilla will be slow too.
> Has there been a spike in traffic recently?  Or maybe I just got lucky
> yesterday.  Has the issue been creeping up for a while?
> It just seems odd this seems to have happened so suddenly.

It has not happened suddenly. It has been happening for the last 2  
months, but the frequency is higher now. We used to only get a day or  
two per week of unusually high loads/memory usage. Now, its pretty  
much everyday.

We've been trying to get a new server for the last couple months, but  
there are lots of details that had to be sorted out. We are finally  
making progress.


>                                 -Dave
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