[LLVMdev] API CHANGE: Contexts for Passes

Aaron Gray aaronngray.lists at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 22 05:38:40 PDT 2009

> Hey folks,
> As a number of people have observed, the current mechanism for
> providing an LLVMContext to each pass is extremely hackish, and tends
> to break down in lots of interesting ways.  In light of this, I've
> decided to drop the automagical nature of this mechanism.  Because
> types now hold references to contexts, it is now trivial to get a
> context from within a pass, and I am adding a getContext() accessor to
> Value to make it even simpler.
> Summary:  The Context member of Pass will be going away.  Please fetch
> a context from a Type or Value instead.

BTW Could someone put a newline on the end of LLVMContext.cpp as Cygwin 
complains about this every time it compiles. I don't have SVN access so 
cannot do this myself.



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