[LLVMdev] registers as home location

shreyas krishnan shreyas76 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 13:53:27 PDT 2009

   As part of a requirement that I have, I would like to have some
globals reside in registers always. So these variables would not have
a home location in memory.
I realize the code generated would also need to be aware of this. I do
have some ideas on how to change the code appropriately.  But right
now, I am more concerned about how to fit this requirement (sort of
interprocedural) into the existing LLVM register allocation framework.
While I can as part of pre regalloc pass allocate globals to
registers, how can I share this information between allocation of
different functions.

Allocation efficiency is not as much a concern and I am ok with doing
the allocation as a pre ra pass.
I will appreciate any pointers !

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