[LLVMdev] [PATCH] Support asm comment output[MESSAGE NOT SCANNED]

Mark Shannon marks at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Wed Jul 15 02:32:07 PDT 2009

David Greene wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 July 2009 04:52, Mark Shannon wrote:
>> In JIT compilers anything that slows down compilation is BAD. Plus most
>> VMs already have there own debug/introspection infrastructure, so none
>> is required in the machine code.
> JITs don't generate asm.

Indeed yes. But the JIT does still take the IR, and if that takes longer 
to create and process, then it is bad.

Obviously the ideal is some sort of annotations that have practically 
zero cost if they are not used.
>> Also when translating from a very high level language to llvm, there
>> tends to be a *lot* of instructions, so keeping them small is important.
> Indeed.  We've encountered very large functions here with no problem.
>                                 -Dave
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