[LLVMdev] llvm-ld's output file names.

Sanjiv Gupta sanjiv.gupta at microchip.com
Mon Jul 13 10:15:13 PDT 2009

Mikhail Glushenkov wrote:
> Hi Sanjiv,
> Sanjiv Gupta <sanjiv.gupta <at> microchip.com> writes:
>> Hi Mikhail,
>> I have one more problem related to driver/llvm-ld at my hand for which i 
>> could not think of any solution. May be you can help.
>> [...]
>> Is this possible in driver? or should I hack llvm-ld?
> On second thought, I think I'll add a workaround for this even if
> llvm-ld's behaviour will be fixed (for example, by adding a
> second '-o' option). You will be able to say the following:
> (cmd_line "llc $(CALL AddBcSuffix, $INFILE)")
> Will this modification solve your problem?
Hi Mikhail,

Thanks for giving it a thought. That should server my purpose.
Since I am only interested in the linked .bc output (not in the shell 
script), I am thinking that llvm-link should also server my purpose.
IMO, llvm-ld should be same as   llvm-link + opt -O2.
But then I would need to make more modification in the driver.

Currently the best thing to me looks, as you said, adding the second 
option to llvm-ld.

- Sanjiv

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