[LLVMdev] Help: Instruction Pattern Matching question

Hisham Chowdhury hisham_chow at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 9 20:09:55 PDT 2009

I am having some trouble matching patterns in targetinstructioninfo.td file with the CodeGen expectation. Could anybody please help?
Here is the example:

I want to emit instruction for adding 2 different kind of oprands. Basically i want to mix register types when I define the instruction for add,sub etc 

I define the instruction TargetInstruction.td as follows:

class MyInst
<opcode op,subopcode subop,
 dag outs, dag ins, string asmstr,list<dag> pattern>
  let Namespce = "MyNameSpace";
  MyOpCode myop = op;
  MySubOpcode mysubop = subop;
  dag OutOprandList = outs;
  dag InOprandList  = ins;
  let ASMString     = asmstr;
  let Pattern       = pattern;

     (outs ptr_rc: $dest), (ins: $ptr_rc:$ptr1, Int32RC:$src)
     "myadd1 $dst, $ptr1, $src1",
     [(set $ptr_rc:$dst,(add $ptr_rc:ptr1, Int32RC:$src))]>;

it is giving me error like impossible to select.
Could anybody help me resolve this issue. Any example would be highly appreciated.


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