[LLVMdev] Stable release of pool allocation?

Patrick Alexander Simmons simmon12 at cs.uiuc.edu
Tue Jul 7 11:18:21 PDT 2009

John Criswell wrote:
> Patrick Alexander Simmons wrote:
>> I've been attempting to write my pass (which depends on DSA and pool 
>> allocation) against the SVN trunk of LLVM and the llvm-poolalloc 
>> project.  However, I was thinking it might be better to use the latest 
>> stable releases of these codebases.  I know that this is the 2.5 branch 
>> for LLVM, but are there any stable releases of pool allocation?  If so, 
>> would there be any disadvantage to my using it?
> There are currently no release branches of the automatic pool allocation
> project.  This means that we don't know which revision of pool
> allocation was working at the time LLVM 2.5 was released.  I and others
> keep the pool allocation project up-to-date with LLVM mainline, and we
> can help you diagnose problems with it, so mainline is your best bet, I
> think.
Okay, thanks.
> Regarding the error that you saw, I tried running poolalloc on hello.bc
> on my Linux machine, and it did not assert or segfault.  I'm hoping to
> update my Linux source to the latest poolalloc source code later today
> to make sure newer code isn't the problem (although I tend to doubt that
> this will change my results).  I can also try poolalloc on Apoc to see
> if it does anything different than on the newer Linux machines.
The error only occurs for me using opt, in case I hadn't mentioned that.
> -- John T.

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