[LLVMdev] Stable release of pool allocation?

John Criswell criswell at cs.uiuc.edu
Tue Jul 7 09:56:04 PDT 2009

Patrick Alexander Simmons wrote:
> I've been attempting to write my pass (which depends on DSA and pool 
> allocation) against the SVN trunk of LLVM and the llvm-poolalloc 
> project.  However, I was thinking it might be better to use the latest 
> stable releases of these codebases.  I know that this is the 2.5 branch 
> for LLVM, but are there any stable releases of pool allocation?  If so, 
> would there be any disadvantage to my using it?
There are currently no release branches of the automatic pool allocation
project.  This means that we don't know which revision of pool
allocation was working at the time LLVM 2.5 was released.  I and others
keep the pool allocation project up-to-date with LLVM mainline, and we
can help you diagnose problems with it, so mainline is your best bet, I

Regarding the error that you saw, I tried running poolalloc on hello.bc
on my Linux machine, and it did not assert or segfault.  I'm hoping to
update my Linux source to the latest poolalloc source code later today
to make sure newer code isn't the problem (although I tend to doubt that
this will change my results).  I can also try poolalloc on Apoc to see
if it does anything different than on the newer Linux machines.

-- John T.

> --Patrick
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