[LLVMdev] Address Space

Juan Carlos Martinez Santos juanc.martinez.santos at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 11:43:26 PDT 2009


Looking the Language Reference, there is something called "addrspace". It
can be used to allocate a global variable into a specific area (always that
the target supports it). How I can modify the ARM back-end in order to
support at least two memory sections for Global Variables in the BSS
section. My idea is to split the uninitialized global variables in two
sections and to aggregate them depends on the uses of each variable at
execution time (by profiling I will know what variable will be in each

In addition, can I add more address spaces for heap and stack also? For
exampe, can I split my stack in two segments, one to hold critical info like
return address and frame pointer, and another to hold function arguments?
How I can do it?

Thanks in advance,

Juan Carlos
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