[LLVMdev] A beginner question

Carter Cheng carter_cheng at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 4 11:02:46 PDT 2009

The line comes up on a back trace using gdb. I think it's the right line (I have tried it on two separate machines one using Fedora 11 and g++ 4.4.x and the other Ubunto and g++ 4.3.3) and the situation is exceptionally odd since it only occurs when compiling my Runtime.cpp and doesnt happen when compiling other files. This is with LLVM 2.5. 

I did look at the Type.cpp code and it should be impossible but it's the error I am getting.

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> Date: Saturday, July 4, 2009, 9:06 AM
> Carter Cheng wrote:
> > I feel a bit bad for always asking beginner questions
> here but I am having some difficulties with a runtime error
> with which I could use some help diagnosing. 
> > 
> > 1) I am getting the assertion failure 
> > 
> > main: Type.cpp:1309: static llvm::PointerType*
> llvm::PointerType::get(const llvm::Type*, unsigned int):
> Assertion `ValueType && "Can't get a pointer to
> <null> type!"' failed.
> > 
> > from this line-
> > 
> > fields.push_back(
> llvm::PointerType::getUnqual(llvm::Type::Int32Ty) );
> > 
> > Is something needed to initialize the
> llvm::Type::Int32Ty?
> Type::Int32Ty is a static const Type* with an initializer.
> You might 
> need static constructors to run in order to initialize it,
> but in C++ 
> that should require no action on your part.
> It should be impossible for that line of code to cause that
> assertion. 
> Are you sure you're blaming the right line? If so then you
> probably have 
> a larger problem with your C++ environment, such as LLVM
> being 
> miscompiled by your system compiler. (It's not one of the
> ones listed on 
> llvm.org/docs/GettingStarted.html#brokengcc is it?)
> Nick
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