[LLVMdev] Help on DAG pattern matching string

Javier Martinez javier at jmartinez.org
Fri Jul 3 20:27:30 PDT 2009


I'm new to LLVM and I'm using it to translate from LLVM to another 
language rather than emitting actual machine code. The target language 
has instructions that operate on pointers which aren't naturally exposed 
in LLVM. Here's what I've done to add pointer support for an instruction 
called PADD that takes a pointers and an offset and returns the new 
pointer value:

def DefReg : Register<"r">;
def PtrReg : Register<"ptr">;
def I32RC : RegisterClass<"BE", [i32], 32, [DefReg]>;
def P32RC : RegisterClass<"BE", [i32], 32, [PtrReg]>;
def BEInst<bits<8> op, dag outs, dag ins, string asmstr, list<dag> 
pattern> : Instruction { /* assign arguments to class members */ }
def BE_PADD : BEInst<0F, (outs P32RC:$dst), (ins P32RC:$src1, 
I32RC:$src2), "PADD",
                                       [(set P32RC:$dst, (add 
P32RC:$src1, I32RC:$src2))]>;

When I compile the project I get the error: Pattern '(add:i32 
P32RC:i32:$src1, I32RC:i32:$src2)' is impossible to select! Does anyone 
have an idea of why I'm getting this error?

I've read the docs on table generator, code generator, back end, etc. 
but I'm still unclear on how to write pattern selection strings. Area 
there resources other than the LLVM docs that explain this more in detail?


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