[LLVMdev] Profiling in LLVM Patch Flowup 3

Andreas Neustifter e0325716 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Fri Jul 3 10:22:44 PDT 2009


this is the third in a series of patches to cleanup and improve the
LLVM Profiling Infrastructure. It depends on the previous patches from

This patch cleans up the ProfilingInfo by:
*) supplying a MissingValue marker for communicating to clients that a
certain piece of profiling information is not available
*) change the data type that profile info is stored in from unsigned to
double (needed for future changes)
*) add caching of synthesised values (e.g. when block information is
calculated from edge information)
*) support in the ProfileInfoLoaderPass for loading also block and
function profiles (up until now only edge profiles were loaded)
*) adding support for a (0,entry) edge to all profile related code

The next part is to implement a static profile estimator to support the
final goal of having optimal edge profiling.

To all the US-Folks: have a nice holiday weekend. To the rest of the
world: have a nice weekend too!

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