[LLVMdev] Proper arguments for -march?

H. Johnson misc at faradayco.com
Fri Nov 14 17:31:22 PST 2008

I assume that the following means the backends are not registred:

sequences for some float libcalls
  -load=<pluginfilename>              - Load the specified plugin
  -march                              - Architecture to generate code for:
  -mattr=<a1,+a2,-a3,...>             - Target specific attributes 
(-mattr=help for details)

When does the registration occur?  During the build?  If so there's a 
problem with CMake for Visual Studio.
Or, is it something I need to do manually after building?

Thanks for any help.  I'm too new at this.


Anton Korobeynikov wrote:
> Hello,
> On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 6:57 PM, H. Johnson <misc at faradayco.com> wrote:
>> llc -march=x86 tempfileB.bc yields:
>> llc: for the -march option: : Cannot find option named 'x86'!
> Run llc -help and see, if any backends were linked in. It will show
> you list of all backends, which were 'registered' and thus known to
> llc.

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