[LLVMdev] anyone seeing this assertion failure?

Chuck Rose III cfr at adobe.com
Wed Jan 2 15:33:06 PST 2008

I'm seeing this when I run the fibonacci program via the win32 build. 


VRegInfo has size 0, and the debug STL in VStudio is asserting when
&VRegInfo[0] is hit.  Is anyone else seeing this?


  unsigned createVirtualRegister(const TargetRegisterClass *RegClass) {

    assert(RegClass && "Cannot create register without RegClass!");

    // Add a reg, but keep track of whether the vector reallocated or

    void *ArrayBase = &VRegInfo[0];



I'm going to try reproing from my mac build, but if any of you are
sync'ed to the trunk and could compile and run fibonacci, I'd appreciate




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