[LLVMdev] PHP Zend LLVM extension (SoC)

Alain Frisch alain at frisch.fr
Tue Apr 22 23:00:41 PDT 2008

Nuno Lopes wrote:
> The first step would be to convert the PHP bytecode to LLVM by just
> producing function calls to the PHP interpreter opcode handlers.
> In the second phase, we would start to inline some simple PHP bytecodes,
> like arithmetic operations and so on, by dumping LLVM assembly instead of
> calling the opcode handler. Eventually we could reach a point that no opcode
> handlers are necessary.

There is some presentation on the LLVM website (by Chris, I guess) 
mentioning that this can be done almost automatically, by letting LLVM 
compile the PHP opcode handlers themselves, via the gcc or clang 
front-end. LLVM can then inline the opcode handlers and apply further 

-- Alain

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