[LLVMdev] Bitwidth analysis?

Fernando Magno Quintao Pereira fernando at CS.UCLA.EDU
Sat Apr 12 12:49:42 PDT 2008

Dear John,

     thanks for pointing it to me. I just downloaded and installed CIL. 
However, I am getting an error when I run "make check", or when I try to 
compile the blink application, and I am sending you the error notice 
below. In any case, do you think it is possible to get some sort of 'dump' 
of the target C program with some bitwidth information, once I get your 
compiler running?



if test ! -f Makefile.cil ;then echo Run configure first ;fi
make -f Makefile.cil check
make[1]: Entering directory `/misc/project/fernando/cil-cXprop'
bin/cilly -c test/small1/func.c -otest/small1/func.o
gcc -D_GNUCC -E -DCIL=1 test/small1/func.c -o /tmp/cil-UGzNLDHj.i
/project/fernando/cil-cXprop/obj/x86_LINUX/cilly.asm.exe --out 
/tmp/cil-WsGP4BtF.cil.c /tmp/cil-UGzNLDHj.i

test/small1/func.c:17: Bug: unrollType failed in castTo
   Context : 2cil: foo
error in doExp (Errormsg.Error)

Error: Cabs2cil had some errors
Fatal error: exception Errormsg.Error
make[1]: *** [test/func] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/misc/project/fernando/cil-cXprop'
make: *** [check] Error 2
bash-3.1$ exit

> We have a bitwidth analysis that can be downloaded.  It is not in LLVM.
> There should be a link in the paper:
> http://www.cs.utah.edu/~regehr/papers/pldi075-cooprider.pdf
> John Regehr
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