[LLVMdev] Comparison mismatch causes assert using VStudio STL

Evan Cheng evan.cheng at apple.com
Wed Apr 2 13:59:20 PDT 2008

On Apr 2, 2008, at 9:32 AM, Chuck Rose III wrote:

> Hola LLVMers,
> We saw a problem with some code in LiveIntervalAnalysis.h/.c which  
> we’ve fixed locally.  We’d like to get a patch to the mainline and  
> want to know how you’d like it fixed.  A couple of things come  
> together to cause the problem:
>   struct Idx2MBBCompare {
>     bool operator()(const IdxMBBPair &LHS, const IdxMBBPair &RHS)  
> const {
>       return LHS.first < RHS.first;
>     }
> This comparator function compares the first elements of the  
> IdxMBBPair.  This is in contrast to the default comparator for  
> std::pairs, which compares the second element if the first elements  
> are equal before making a final decision.  In this case, it makes a  
> lot of sense given that the second in the pair is just a pointer.
> In LiveIntervals::runOnMachineFunction, the map is sorted with this:
>   std::sort(Idx2MBBMap.begin(), Idx2MBBMap.end(), Idx2MBBCompare());
> Ok so far.
> Here is where the problem arises:
>     std::lower_bound(Idx2MBBMap.begin(), Idx2MBBMap.end(), LR.start);
> By omitting the explicit comparator operator, the default is used  
> which looks at second.  Not a huge problem in general, since you  
> don’t really care that the pointers are sorted.
> Visual Studio’s debug STL, however, is quite the stickler.  Debug  
> lower_bound checks to see that the container is sorted and since  
> lower_bound isn’t given a comparison function, it uses the default  
> one which isn’t the one used to sort the container, and (boom!) it  
> asserts if the memory stars aren’t aligned properly.
> In our code we fixed this by ditching the Idx2MBBCompare operator  
> and just added:
> +  inline bool operator<(const IdxMBBPair &LHS, const IdxMBBPair  
> &RHS) {
> +    return (LHS.first < RHS.first);
> +  }

I think this is right fix for it. Any chance you can do some sanity  
testing? Please commit after you have run it though MultiSource  
portion of llvm test suite. Thanks!


> The alternative is to make sure the Idx2MBBCompare is passed into  
> the appropriate places.
> How would you like this to be fixed?  I can tool it up, but I don’t  
> want to step on someone else’s feet.
> Thanks,
> Chuck.
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