[LLVMdev] Passes document

Tanya M. Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Tue Apr 1 09:41:46 PDT 2008

> 1) What other passes need to be run before this one in order for this
> one to work?

This is not something you have to worry about on the command line. The 
pass manager takes care of this for you.

> 2) What other passes should not be run before this one, but should
> instead be run after? (In other words, what is the recommended order of
> the passes.)

Use -std-compile-opts. Otherwise, this a tricky problem and depends on 
what you are trying to achieve and what the program is. There is no one 
solution for everything.

> 3) What is the C++ name of the pass? Sometimes the name in the doc
> doesn't always match the name in the code.

Check out opt --help. That will give you what you need.

> On a related question: Is this the correct list to be posting these
> kinds of questions? Specifically, I see that most of the traffic on this
> list is about *developing* LLVM, whereas my interest is primarily in
> *using* LLVM.

This mailing list is the correct one. We may someday have a separate users 
list, but thats far off right now.


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