Jeff Cohen jeffc at jolt-lang.org
Sun May 6 07:07:38 PDT 2007

Jeff Cohen wrote:
> Jeff Cohen wrote:
>> Bill Wendling wrote:
>>>> I'll ping the guy who's in charge of the sync and ask him when it's 
>>>> done. Right now, the copy to the Apple internal mirror is done at 2AM 
>>>> PDT. From your email, I suspect that the sync is done around 3ish. 
>>>> Though maybe it's somehow dependent upon when I update the mirror??
>>>> Unfortunately, because we now have people working on LLVM around the 
>>>> clock (hi Anton! :-) ), pretty much anytime for the sync is going to 
>>>> be a problem for someone. The good news is that this problem will be 
>>>> obviated in about a month! :-)
>>>> -bw
>> I delayed it to 3:40am.  We'll see if that's late enough.
> The answer is no.  It is not late enough.  llvm-gcc failed to build as a 
> result (yet again) and the nightly tester did not run.

And even if the mirror was promptly updated at 2am, it wouldn't have 
mattered.  The mirror got fatally out of sync with llvm less than an 
hour later.  There are still massive errors building llvm-gcc.

And the Visual Studio build is massively broken too.  I don't have time 
to fix it today.

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