[LLVMdev] Reverse engineering in LLVM

Seung Jae Lee lee225 at uiuc.edu
Wed Dec 26 23:01:24 PST 2007

Hello, LLVMers.

I am trying to restore the original HL code from LLVM IR (kinda reverse engineering). There are two main issues for that, control-flow analysis and data-flow analysis. (Thanks to your suggestsions) I have good refereces about the control-flow analysis for structuring conditionals, loops and so on.

However, I have no good idea about data-flow analysis, especially on PHI-functions. It is quite tricky for me to deal with the PHI nodes in LLVM IR in order to restore the original code. I read some reverse engineering thesis but they are a little bit old so don't handle SSA form.

Could you shed some lights on me how I can give it a shot?
It also should be greatly appreciated if you can introduce some references about that.
Happy holidays!


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