[LLVMdev] Status of Elsa->LLVM

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Sat Dec 22 14:44:04 PST 2007

On Dec 22, 2007, at 2:40 AM, Richard Pennington wrote:

> Does Elsa provide an advantage over g++? For me, understanding it is a
> big plus. ;-) In addition, Elsa has a Berkeley-like license which I  
> prefer.

Ok.  If you're not planning on extending the front-end,  
understandability doesn't really matter ;-).  I get where you're  
coming from though!

> Since I only have a few weeks invested in this project, I won't feel  
> too
> bad if Elsa turns out to be a dead end. Along the way I found LLVM,
> which is definitely the way to go.

Ok.  For most users to be interested in it, it would have to be faster  
or produce better code, and be as correct as G++.  I'll be interested  
to see how it comes out.

> I'd like to get the Elsa stuff behind me because I'm itching to do an
> LLVM code generator for the Altera Nios2. ;-) I started by copying the
> MIPS sources and am studying them to get a feel for what's required.

Ah, nifty.  I no nothing of that processor, but you can build a  
backend independent of the front-end :)


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