[LLVMdev] Automatic assembler generation?

nkavv at physics.auth.gr nkavv at physics.auth.gr
Sat Dec 22 05:04:44 PST 2007

Quoting Richard Pennington <rich at pennware.com>:

> I've just started looking into code generation and have a newbie
> question: Is there enough information in the .td files to make a tool to
>   automatically generate an assembler from them? Is a project like that
> in the works?
> -Rich


your question is reasonable, but it is probably out of scope for LLVM. There
have been some architecture description languages (ADLs) proposed for
specifying a machine description and generating all software development tools
(for compilation down to object code and for simulation) from there. A decent
(and realistic) approach would aim in generating binutils-specific source files
for the basic tools (as, ld, objdump at least) since binutils are quite mature.

There are references to new-generation ADLs based on XML DTDs but these are
mostly held in private.

Kind regards
Nikolaos Kavvadias

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