[LLVMdev] Whither exceptions

Dale Johannesen dalej at apple.com
Wed Dec 19 20:40:12 PST 2007

Chris would like to turn on -enable-eh rather than -enable-correct-eh- 
support in the llvm testsuite for those targets that support it.  The  
following patch is intended to turn it on for x86 and ppc.  Anton,  
Duncan, are you OK with this?

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Chris would also like to discuss renaming the EH command line  
options, and I have to agree it's not obvious what they do.
He had a couple of ideas:

> rename -enable-correct-eh-support to -enable-sjlj-exceptions or  
> something

> Maybe a better interface would be -eh-model={sjlj,dwarf,none} with  
> none being the default?

If these were visible to end users I would not like exposing sjlj, an  
implementation detail; however my understanding is that they aren't.   
On the basis that they're intended for use by llvm geeks, I think  
either of these is an improvement, except in the second case I think  
the default should be target-dependent.  Comments?

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