[LLVMdev] PointerType API Change

Gordon Henriksen gordonhenriksen at mac.com
Mon Dec 17 08:17:32 PST 2007

On 2007-12-17, at 00:31, Christopher Lamb wrote:

> The API for getting PointerType objects has just changed to make  
> Embedded C address space information explicit. The old semantics of  
> PointerType::get() now apply to PointerType::getUnqual(), which  
> returns a pointer in the generic address space. PointerType::get()  
> now requires both a type and an address space.
> The clang, llvm-gcc-4.0, and llvm-gcc-4.2, and internal llvm  
> projects have all been updated to take this API change into account.
> The only current omission is the C interface to the LLVM type  
> system, which has not yet been updated to preserve or expose address  
> spaces on PointerType's. I'm hoping for a little help with that.

Hi Cristopher,

I ran aground of this mildly:

$ Release/bin/llvm-as <<END_OF_LL | Release/bin/llvm-dis
         %Gnric = type i8*
         %Qual3 = type i8 addrspace(3)*
         %Qual5 = type i8 addrspace(5)*
; ModuleID = '<stdin>'
	%Gnric = type i8*
	%Qual3 = type i8*
	%Qual5 = type i8*

It looks to be purely a problem in llvm-dis output since the three  
types would fold internally to the llvm-dis process if the qualifiers  
did not survive through the input phase.

Please revert r45097 when you get this working.


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