[LLVMdev] PointerType API Change

Christopher Lamb christopher.lamb at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 21:31:36 PST 2007

The API for getting PointerType objects has just changed to make  
Embedded C address space information explicit. The old semantics of  
PointerType::get() now apply to PointerType::getUnqual(), which  
returns a pointer in the generic address space. PointerType::get()  
now requires both a type and an address space.

The clang, llvm-gcc-4.0, and llvm-gcc-4.2, and internal llvm projects  
have all been updated to take this API change into account.

The only current omission is the C interface to the LLVM type system,  
which has not yet been updated to preserve or expose address spaces  
on PointerType's. I'm hoping for a little help with that.

Christopher Lamb

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