[LLVMdev] About unwind...

Sebastien Loisel loisel at temple.edu
Sat Dec 15 16:00:34 PST 2007

Dear LLVM people,

I have started playing with LLVM a little bit and I am thinking of using it
to write some linear algebra software for my class.

First, an off-topic "bug report" (?), I tried using llvm under cygwin with
Vista 64 bits, and it hangs during the build process. It works fine under
Vista 32 bits, with cygwin.

I was reading the documentation and I am very excited by the possibilities
of "invoke" and "unwind". I have two questions.

1) How does the performance of "invoke" compare to the performance of "call"
on a typical x86, 32 or 64 bit platform? How many isns and such?
2) When I unwind, the stack gets popped but it would make sense to pass some
data to the exception handler. I guess I could use a global variable for
this, but is there a way to do it on the stack? (Wouldn't that make more
sense also?)


S├ębastien Loisel
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