[LLVMdev] LLVM for static code analysis

Emmanuel Bastien ebastien at amadeus.com
Sun Dec 9 05:22:14 PST 2007

Apart from the Calysto project (
http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~babic/index_calysto.htm), is there any other static 
code analysis tool based of the LLVM framework ?
Calysto may be great but it seems that the source is not available (yet?).
I was quite excited by Oink/Elsa few years ago but the project is almost 
dead even if the C++ parser is far from being complete.
It seems to me that everything is ready in LLVM to build 
industrial-strength static analysis tools. Clang is of course a big step 
towards real-time parsing and IDE integration but the quality of llvm-gcc 
should be enough for many practical applications.
I am interested in automated code review, coverage and metrics. as done by 
commercial products like Parasoft C++test. What I am not sure yet is 
whether the LLVM IR is rich enough for the job or if I should wait for the 
dedicated C++ ASTof clang.

Best regards,
Emmanuel Bastien
Amadeus IT Group SA
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