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Benjamin Smedberg benjamin at smedbergs.us
Mon Dec 3 13:22:42 PST 2007

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Chris Lattner wrote:

> Finally, there is still a lot that can be done to reduce code size.  For
> example, building a JIT links in the .s file printers in, and they have
> non-trivial size (big string tables etc).  It would be great to refactor
> the code to avoid things like this.  I wouldn't be surprised if we could
> shrink the size of a JIT down by another 30% or so.

These are great tips, thanks... is it possible to avoid linking the
interpreter as well? That is, I'm pretty sure I always want to JIT code and
never interpret it, but it looks like I currently have to pay a codesize
penalty for the interpreter anyway.

Right now this is personal experimentation, but if Mozilla decides to use te
LLVM JIT for some of our Mozilla2 projects we'll definitely be contributing
to reduce the footprint as much as possible, as well as the MSVC thiscall
support I mentioned before.

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