[LLVMdev] Stupid '-load-vn -licm' question (LLVM 1.6)

Eric Kidd emk.lists at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 04:54:51 PST 2006

On Mar 16, 2006, at 8:47 PM, Chris Lattner wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, Eric Kidd wrote:
>> The duplicate loads appear at the top of the %regex6 and %regex2  
>> blocks below. I've tried various alias analysis implementations  
>> either alone or in combination.
> LICM doesn't remove common subexpressions, also -load-vn doesn't  
> affect LICM.  Try "-licm -load-vn -gcse" instead of "-load-vn -licm"

That works! Thank you. The bytecodes look really good--not only are  
the loads eliminated, but the tests are actually reduced to a switch  
statement using '-anders-aa -load-vn -gcse -simplifycfg -instcombine':

regex6:         ; preds = %loop_test
         %c8 = load ubyte* %iter         ; <ubyte> [#uses=1]
         switch ubyte %c8, label %loop_step [
                  ubyte 97, label %ret_true
                  ubyte 98, label %ret_true

Unfortunately, this generates really weird code on the LLVM 1.6  
PowerPC backend:

LBB_matches_1:  ; regex6
         lbz r4, 0(r3)
LBB_matches_2:  ; NodeBlock
         rlwinm r5, r4, 0, 24, 31
         cmplwi cr0, r5, 98
         blt cr0, LBB_matches_4  ; LeafBlock
LBB_matches_3:  ; LeafBlock1
         rlwinm r4, r4, 0, 24, 31
         cmpwi cr0, r4, 98
         beq cr0, LBB_matches_8  ; ret_true
         b LBB_matches_5 ; NewDefault
LBB_matches_4:  ; LeafBlock
         rlwinm r4, r4, 0, 24, 31
         cmpwi cr0, r4, 97
         beq cr0, LBB_matches_8  ; ret_true
LBB_matches_5:  ; NewDefault
LBB_matches_6:  ; loop_step

I'm particularly confused by the rlwinm instructions that keep  
turning up in PowerPC output, and the double test against 98. I don't  
have a problem or anything; I'm just trying to figure out what's  
going on. :-)

In any case, many thanks for your help!


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