[LLVMdev] Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New GCC4-based C/C++/ObjC front-end for LLVM

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Fri Mar 17 00:22:40 PST 2006

Chris Lattner wrote:

> On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, Vladimir Prus wrote:
>> Ah, hell, as soon as I've send this email I've updated from CVS to find
>> that the issue was fixed by Jim several hours after I reported the crash,
>> by making MachineDebugInfo don't check for empty name of type.
> :)
>> Here's what I get now:
>> /space/p2/ghost/build/llvm-frontend/i686-pc-linux-gnu/libstdc++-v3/include/i686-pc-linux-gnu/bits/compatibility.h:42:
>> internal compiler error: in make_decl_rtl, at varasm.c:1018
>> (gdb) where
>> Preprocessed source goes by private email.
> Great, thanks for the info.  Please try this patch:

This gets me further. After a bunch of "LLVM does not support aliases yet"
messsages I get this:

  checking for exception model to use... configure: error: unable to detect
  exception model

when building libobjc. When I configure with --enable-languages=c,c++, this
error is gone, so I don't care about at all.

When I run 'make install' ( even when objc is not enabled), I get this:

  make[1]: Entering directory  
  make[1]: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.

but again, I don't care about libobjc. When building a trivial program

  #include <iostream>

  int main()
      std::cout << "hi\n";
      return 0;

I get this:

$ llvm-g++ a.cpp
reference to `A_::LTHUNK8'
reference to `A_::LTHUNK11'
reference to `std::basic_istream<char, std::char_traits<char>

The c version of the same, with printf, links and works correctly.

I'm not very concerned about this error for now, but if you have a new
version for me to test, just say.

Finally, will it be possible to provide an updated snapshot of the frontend,
so that I don't have to apply several patches to get it building?

Thanks for the help,

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