[LLVMdev] Port to Solaris' Sun Studio 8

Michael Smith Michael.Smith at synopsys.com
Tue Mar 14 15:13:32 PST 2006

Well, line 364 wasn't actually what was holding me up, so it's a bad
example, but the problem's still relevant. Using cast<...>(iter),
dyn_cast<...>(iter), or isa<...>(iter) results in the error messages
mentioned below.



When compiling LoadValueNumbering.cpp, I get the following errors:

"~/bin/../src/include/llvm/Support/Casting.h", line 51: Error: Could not
find a match for llvm::AllocationInst::classof(const

"~/bin/../src/include/llvm/Support/Casting.h", line 68:     Where: While
instantiating "llvm::isa_impl<llvm::AllocationInst,

"~/bin/../src/include/llvm/Support/Casting.h", line 68:     Where:
Instantiated from non-template code.


This seems to be linked with line 364 in LoadValueNumbering.cpp, and my
best guess is that the template struct simplify_type in ilist isn't
being picked up for some reason, so classof gets an ilist_iterator as an
argument rather than the object the iterator points to. It happens every
time I try to dyn_cast<...>(I) where I is an ilist_iterator, but in
other cases I got around it by manually retrieving the iterator's value
with dyn_cast<...>(&*I). On line 364 this technique doesn't work.




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