[LLVMdev] Getting Started with LLVM

Martin Pärtel lagitus at mbnet.fi
Fri Mar 10 11:57:19 PST 2006

> 1) The only supported way to link against LLVM from outside the build
> directory is to use Makefile.common and the LLVM build system, both of
> which require an LLVM build tree. Without extensive customization:
>   a) I can't link against the installed LLVM libraries and headers.
>   b) I can't use my projects' pre-existing build systems (automake,
> rake, or whatever).

I'm currently using the "make install"-ed version of LLVM in an 
autoconf/automake project. Setting it up wasn't that bad really. The .a 
libraries can be statically linked with the -l flag and .o libraries are 
simply linked in as normal object files (without -l). All the libraries got 
installed to $(prefix)/lib and all headers went into $(prefix)/include/llvm, 
just like with any other library. Also, -D__STDC_LIMIT_MACROS had to be added 
to the compiler options for some header to work correctly but that was pretty 
much it.

The LLVM docs have this list of libraries and their interdependencies, in case 
you've missed it:

I asked a similar question here about a month ago and Chris answered:
"make install is lightly tested, but should work.  Please report any 
problems you find."

Personally, I've found LLVM to be a pleasure to work with. Its design is very 
powerful, which simplifies many things a lot.

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