[LLVMdev] ignoring inline assembly

John Trimble trimblej at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 14:35:11 PST 2006

I'm trying to use LLVM to do some semantic analysis of the Linux kernel
source code and am having issues with the inline assembly. At this juncture
I really don't care about what the inline assembly contains and I don't
intend to actually run the compiled version of the source, so if there is a
way I can tell LLVM to pretend the inline assembly isn't there that would be

>From my own snooping around in the GCC frontend source code, it seems like
if I just comment out line 2819:

error("LLVM does not yet support inline assembly!  Code: '%s'",

that LLVM should be able to continue just as if the inline assembly wasn't
there. So, will this infact solve my problem and is this the best way to go
about it or is there a simpler way?

- John
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