[LLVMdev] llvm-java state

Kyle Wilkinson kdwilkin at uiuc.edu
Thu Mar 2 02:42:32 PST 2006


This question is mostly addressed at Alkis, as I understand that he  
last worked on llvm-java and I saw him reply to another thread  
recently :-)

When I try and run class2llvm I get a bus error because function_ in  
VMMethod points to 0x8.
I think the problem lies in how I am using class2llvm.  When I read  
through the Debug output, I see that class2llvm is trying to compile  
all of the files distributed in the gnuclasspath, ~2500 classes. I  
can't imagine a Hello World program needing all of those classes.

Here is how I am using class2llvm currently:

// In test/Regression/ClassFile
jikes -cp /usr/local/share/classpath Hello.java
class2llvm -cp /usr/local/share/classpath:. Hello

Am I doing something wrong or using the tool improperly?  I thought I  
would make sure I'm not doing something really stupid before I try  
and debug this error.

Do you happen to remember the state of the source code before you  
left? After I get past this hurdle, I am planning on implementing  
synchronization and Prof. Adve thought that synchronization and  
exceptions were about the only things missing, but any advice or  
thoughts on that would be welcome.


Kyle Wilkinson

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