[LLVMdev] VS2005 patch

Morten Ofstad morten at hue.no
Mon Jan 30 01:31:22 PST 2006

Jeff Cohen wrote:
> I don't know.  If that's all it was, why is there a special new property 
> manager to set it?  Morten will need to explain what to do in VS2003 to 
> make VS2005 happy.

Sorry I made this confusing... I was just talking about what someone who has their own project files for VS2005 would 
do, the property manager is a new feature that allows you to make 'property sheets' (basically a set of compiler 
options) that you can add in as defaults for the projects in your solution. That way you can keep any 'extra' settings 
in one place so you're less likely to get a conflict when you update from CVS.

When that is said, it wouldn't hurt to just define _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE in the VS2003 project files. It would make 
life even easier for someone using VS2005...


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