[LLVMdev] Re: standalone llvm

Simon Burton simon at arrowtheory.com
Fri Apr 14 05:08:06 PDT 2006

On Fri, 14 Apr 2006 04:05:10 +0200
Oscar Fuentes <oscarfv at telefonica.net> wrote:

> This indicates that the JIT is not working and your code is being
> interpreted. I don't know about "llvm-config --libs jit" you are using
> but I would try adding LLVMJIT.o to your link command the same way you
> do with LLVMInterpreter.o

Actually if I _remove_ those other library link arguments and just left the
ones provided by "llvm-config --libs" it works fine (yay!). Except it's a huge
executable: 168Mb. And the linker warns about some symbols:
/usr/bin/ld: `.gnu.linkonce.t._ZNK4llvm14TargetLowering12getValueTypeEPKNS_4TypeE' referenced in section `.rodata' of /home//users//simonb//lib/LLVMPowerPC.o: defined in discarded section `.gnu.linkonce.t._ZNK4llvm14TargetLowering12getValueTypeEPKNS_4TypeE' of /home//users//simonb//lib/LLVMPowerPC.o


If instead I use "llvm config --libs jit asmparser" it compiles but segfaults in the usual
place. Here are the libs it uses in this case:
$ llvm-config --libnames jit asmparser
LLVMAsmParser.o LLVMJIT.o LLVMExecutionEngine.o LLVMCodeGen.o LLVMSelectionDAG.o libLLVMAnalysis.a libLLVMTarget.a libLLVMTransformUtils.a libLLVMipa.a libLLVMAnalysis.a libLLVMTarget.a libLLVMTransformUtils.a libLLVMipa.a LLVMCore.o libLLVMSupport.a libLLVMSystem.a LLVMbzip2.o

Somewhat better is when I use "--libs engine asmparser". It works, and generates 
an exe around 77Mb. And no complaints when linking.

thanks for your help Oscar.


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