[LLVMdev] newbie llc build problem: BreakCriticalEdges.cpp:44: undefined reference to `llvm::LoopSimplifyID'

Kurt Harriman kharriman at greenplum.com
Tue Oct 25 15:58:59 PDT 2005

Chris Lattner wrote:
> This appears to be a problem exposed by some recent reorg of the 
> libraries (to build one version of each library instead of two).  To fix 
> this, I moved the loopsimplify pass from the Scalar library to the utils 
> library. Please do the following:
> 1. cd lib/Transforms
> 2. cvs up -P -d
> 3. cd Utils; make clean
> 4. cd Scalar; make clean
> Then rebuild.  Hopefully LLC will build now.  If not, please send in the 
> error message.  Thanks for reporting the problem!
> People who haven't hit this problem shouldn't need to do the steps 
> above: normal update and builds should be fine.
> -Chris

Problem solved!  Thanks very much!

... kurt

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