[LLVMdev] Release Branch for llvm-gcc

Aaron Gray angray at beeb.net
Sun Oct 23 09:23:37 PDT 2005

> Is there a version of Cygwin that _does_ build LLVM in release mode?

No. There are no versions of Cygwin anyway, only the most rescent. You may 
choose versions of particular packages but even this is limited to the last 
2 or 3 versions. On Cygwin if things get broken in new releases and the old 
ones are dropped then if is tough so to speak :(

gcc 2.95.3 may have been fine, but cannot be built by Cygwin anymore.

Even binutils was/is(?) broken under Cygwin, only the documentation though 
so there is a work around.

Cygwin is like a poor cousin to GNU/Linux.

> If not, we might as well put a prominent warning for people to not be
> surprised.

Yep. The LLVM online instructions only give the debug build anyway, so 
unless you try the release/optimized build for your self then you do not 
bump into the problem.

The only thing is the debug build is ten times slower at linking than the 
release build would be.

Anyway when I get some time I will try updating to GCC 4 and see if that 
solves the problem. If not then I will see if I can narrow the problem down 
and do a bug report to GCC or binutils.

The problem is with COFF (Common Object File Format) encoding and decoding 
between GCC and binutils. Binutils is throwing an assertion failure for a 
number of object modules, LLVMPowerPC.o, LLVMX86.o and LLVMDebugger.o.


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