[LLVMdev] Next LLVM release thoughts?

Aaron Gray angray at beeb.net
Thu Oct 13 14:58:33 PDT 2005


> Looks nice.  Would you guys be interested in integrating this into the 
> Getting Started Guide?

The same instructions work for Linux as well as Cygwin. Its just the paths, 
I probably use different directory structure to others. If you want to use 
it thats great, but we could just put a link to it as suggested by Misha.

>> And yeah, I was able to build a version of LLVM at some state... A few
>> months ago, I think. Debug only, IIRC.....
> In order to have a high-quality cygwin release, we should try to get the 
> issues fixed whatever they are...

I was going to follow the trails of gcc 4.0 and ld version 
which work together on Linux. But got distracted by language directions. 
Cygwin's ld 2.16.94 is broke basically it needs fixing or updating. I got 
nothing but ignorance on the Cygwin mailing list regarding this. If we can 
find a source for the Fedora release or another one we could try building 
that on Cygwin and hopefully the problem will be solved.

I'll spend some time at the weekend looking at these issues.


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