[LLVMdev] Next LLVM release thoughts?

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Thu Oct 13 10:04:38 PDT 2005

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005, Reid Spencer wrote:
> As I'm not particularly active with LLVM right now, it doesn't make any 
> difference to me, personally.  However, I am a strong advocate for "release 
> early, release often".  We had previously agreed to releases 4 times per 
> year. This will be the 3rd and final one this year.  Many users of LLVM only 
> work from release to release so it is unfair to them to let them stray very 
> far from the CVS "head" simply for lack of releases.

Makes sense.  Somehow I expected this response from everyone :)

> I think the improvements made to the code base over the last few months have 
> been VERY significant, especially on the backend.  I think the current work 
> on the new backend architecture should find a logical stopping point and then 
> the release put out after sufficient testing.


How does this tentative plan sound: we have two more weeks of development, 
then start the release processing part on about Oct 31 (spooky!).

If have some plans for things that I will do to wrap up some features in 
the code generator.  It would be great if the cygwin people can figure out 
what needs to be done to make cygwin work as well as possible for the 
release (and when the actual release happens, making a binary cygwin 
distro would be great!).  If someone wants to help start whipping 
documentation (updating them as needed) and release notes (finding the 
bugs fixed and major features in the release) into shape, it would be a 
great help for me, otherwise I'll dive in next week.



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