[LLVMdev] Next LLVM release thoughts?

Tanya Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Tue Oct 11 09:34:29 PDT 2005

> The automated tests seems not run periodically. Some builds are even
> broken (http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu/testresults/X86-niobe/), and some
> failed (http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu/testresults/SparcV9/).

For the build thats broken,the machine (Niobe) is probably dead. Its been 
having problems for awhile.

As for the Sparc backend.. it should be running nightly tests regularly. 
I'll see if I can at least get it up and running again. Do not expect any 
maintenance to be done on it because it will eventually be migrated to the 
new backend framework.


> Will there be another automated test be scheduled before the next release?
> On 11/10/05, Bill Wendling <isanbard at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Frequently releasing software can be a good thing. Especially when it
>> gets to a point where you have a stable CVS version and many new
>> features/bug fixes.
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