[LLVMdev] Weird memory bug

Alexander Friedman alex at inga.mit.edu
Sat Dec 24 15:15:12 PST 2005

This was indeed a memory issue - the hard datasize limit on my freebsd
box was 512 mb and this opt went over.  Increasing hard limit fixed
the problem.

However, most unices have a 512mb limit - maybe insanely huge
functions as this one should be automagically split somewhere?

On Dec 24, Alexander Friedman wrote:
> After running through bugpoint, I get this reduced function
> You can reproduce the problem with:
> opt bugpoint-reduced-function.bc -break-crit-edges -adce -verify
> Bugpoint is currently trying to narrow down which block breaks this,
> but is so far failing. It seems to be running out of memory rather
> than failing on a particular block.
> This is on freebsd 5.4, X86, llvm is compiled with gcc 3.4.2



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