[LLVMdev] cfrontend

Henrik Bach henrik_bach_llvm at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 23 10:16:31 PST 2005


>I am trying to install llvm on cygwin. I use gcc 3.4.4 and I have the
>following problem when I compile the cfrontend :
>s/char_traits.h:68: error: expected `;'

I've seen a similar problem for long time ago on mingw - As far as I can 
remember, it was an installment issue between different gcc versions.

Do you have upgraded to gcc 3.4.4? If so. Try to remove all gcc versions 
from the cygwin installation. Check to be sure that it is completely 
removed. Then install 3.4.4 and try again.


>I have check the file char_traits.h but I haven't found any problem...
>Can you help me ?
>Thank you in advance,

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