[LLVMdev] cfrontend building

Stephan Wienczny Stephan at wienczny.de
Sun Aug 14 17:41:00 PDT 2005

Am Dienstag, 9. August 2005 18:22 schrieb Chris Lattner:
> It's a pretty significant job.  You could try to merging in new bits from
> GCC mainline, but it's a nasty job: debugging failures requires pretty
> strong understanding of how GCC works.  Easier would be to patch the
> llvm-gcc X86 configuration stuff to accept and ignore that switch.

I looked at those files. Where did you integrate LLVM into GCC? Did you change 
the gimplifier to produce LLVM code or make LLVM a GCC backend?

> If it's any consolation, it seems fairly likely that there will be a new
> llvm-gcc in development in the next couple of months, based on GCC
> mainline.
> -Chris

Nice to hear that. 
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