[LLVMdev] cfrontend building

Reid Spencer reid at x10sys.com
Tue Aug 9 09:28:17 PDT 2005

Stephan Wienczny wrote:
> I found the problem. The gcc sources are older than those on my system. I've 
> got some CFLAGS that the old gcc does not know, eg. -march=pentium-m. Are 
> these flags filtered out everything works fine ;-)

Good. Glad you found it.

> What are the differences between the cfrontends.tar.gz and the corresponding 
> gcc release? What would have to be done to get a new version of gcc working 
> as frontend?

There are several new files in the gcc directory, all beginning with llvm. Most 
of the rest of GCC is untouched, but there are some differences. Chris Lattner 
is the author of this code so you'd need to get his attention for details.  One 
thing you could do is compare the current HEAD revision in CVS with and older 
revision that contained just the GCC sources.  Upgrading in the 3.X line 
shouldn't be too difficult. I imagine upgrading to the 4.X GCC releases would 
be a major project (much changed in GCC).


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