[LLVMdev] Can I disable the optimizaiton for llvmgcc?

Zhang Qiuyu qiuyu at ucla.edu
Fri May 14 13:37:02 PDT 2004

Hi all LLVMor, 

I just tried to compile a simple code and analyze the number of the basic blocks. But after compile, what I got, the bytecode is seems to be optimized bytecode. So the information of basic blocks is not what I expected. I want ot use the code as example to see how some of code optimization methods work. However, after compiling file using llvm test.c -o test,  bytecode file test.bc is optimized ( llvm-dis< test.bc). Does it mean there is default optimaztion option when running llvmgcc and can I disable the option for optimiztion? 

By the way, I can get the almost exactly matched assemble code by using original gcc -c test.c.


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